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Manresa Castle (Eisenbeis Castle) - Port Townsend, Washington

Built by Charles Eisenbeis in the 1800's, he came to Port Townsend to practice his trade as a baker.  Seeing the potential for development because of it's location, he expanded his interests into real estate and construction.  He soon became a wealthy citizen, married a beautiful woman named Kate and in 1878 he became the town's first mayor.

Manresa Hall in the early days

Charles constructed a new home in 1892.  It was modeled after the castles in Europe and became known as Eisenbeis Castle. Charles died in 1902 and Kate continued to live there until she remarried.  The castle sat idle for 20 years.  In 1927 it was sold to Jesuit priests who renamed it Manresa Hall.  It then became a hotel in 1968 and renamed Manresa Castle.  

The castle is bustling with poltergeist activity on the 3rd floor of the structure.  Workers in the hotel maintain that there have been many incidents of lights and televisions turning themselves on and off.  Doors opening and closing on their own when nobody is around.  Furniture moves across rooms on its own accord.  Pictures have been found on the floor which had been hanging on the walls.  Many plasma orbs have been seen floating around as well.

It is rumored that a woman named Kate once stayed in the hotel in room 306 in the tower suite.  It is not known for sure if this was the same Kate that once lived there.  However, the story goes that upon learning that her lover died at sea, she was so distraught, she leaped from the tower window falling to her death on the rocks below.  Some guest have claimed to have walked into the room to seen a woman sitting by window staring out at the sea. Only to return and she was not there.  One person even claimed to have photographed her, 1800's attire and all sitting by the window.

Modern day Monresa Castle

Other stories report sightings of a Jesuit priest roaming the castle as well.  A man staying in room 302 once awakened to find the apparition of a hooded man standing over his bed.  Other folks staying in room 302 have heard footsteps above.  When investigated by hotel staff, no one was there.  You see just above room 302 is the attic where during the time the Jesuit's stayed there, a monk became depressed and hung himself.

The castle is still a hotel to this day and has been restored to it's original elegance as it was when it was a private residence.

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