Monday, November 8, 2010

The Indian Maiden of Lake Waha - Lewiston, Idaho

When you visit the shores of Lake Waha, located ten miles southeast of Lewiston, Idaho, keep a watchful eye out for an Indian maiden.  She just may be a ghost.  There is a Nez Perce legend that says that there is an Indian Maiden that can be seen walking or sometimes sitting along the shore of this lake.  If you approach her, she will walk into the water and keep walking until she disappears into the water.  Some say that she leaves a frothing whirlpool of water behind, others say that the whirlpool is her gateway to and from the netherworld and it is there before she enters the water and it appears just before she emerges from it.
Lake Waha located near Lewiston, Idaho

For the most part, the Nez Perce Indians keep as far away from the lake as possible.  However, according to their customs.  They send teenage boys there as a rite of passage to complete what is called thier Guardian Spirit Quest.  This is where a young boy must venture there and find the Spirit which would guide him through the remainder of his life.  It is through this ritual that he learns what his spirit name will be and the special powers that will be bestowed upon him by his Guardian.

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