Saturday, September 24, 2011

Haunted Standrod Mansion - Pocatello, Idaho

D.W. Standrod was a well to do lawyer and business man in Pocatello, Idaho which is just south west of Idaho Falls.  With his wealth, in 1902 he built a beautiful Chateauesque  style mansion which was modeled after it's French counterparts. He lived in the mansion with his wife Emma and his two children, daughter Cammie and son Drew.

The Standrod Mansion - Pocatello, Idaho in the early 1900s

It is said that Cammie, who was 16 at the time, became involved with a young boy whom she fell in love with.  Her father upon hearing of her relationship with this young man who was not of the same stature as his family, did not approve.  Shortly afterward, the boy disappeared.  It is unknown what happened to him.  Cammie was distraught from the ordeal and locked herself in her room which was the turret room in the tower of the mansion.  She had been for some time already been weakened by a kidney disease. Unfortunately, she caught a cold and in her weak and distraught state, succumbed to the illness and died on April 27, 1906.

Drew Standrod had died of illness at an fairly early age as well when he was out of town.  D.W. Standrod himself
succumbed to disease some years later at the age of 84 and he himself passed away in the mansion. His wife Emma lived to be 98 before she passed on.

The Standrod Mansion - Pocatello, Idaho as it appears today

After the deaths of the Stanrods, the house passed to Drew's widow who left it sit idle for many years before she finally sold it in 1957.  Over the years it passed ownership many times, including the City of Pocatello which used it to hosts banquets and such and the mansion was once even used as a furniture store.  Various occupants and visitors to the mansion have one thing in common.  As soon as they entered the mansion, they felt an eerie presence.  Some say they suddenly felt ill. Many believe this is the spirit of Cammie Standrod still trapped in the mansion due to her untimely death.  Some claim to have actually seen her apparition in the tower windows and on certain occasions lingering on the tower roof. 
Apparently, Cammie is not the only Stadrod who refuses to leave the mansion.  On a rare occasion, the apparition of an old man has been seen sitting on a chair on the side porch of the old mansion.  And there have been reports of seeing a young boy dressed in turn of the century attire sitting in the dining room.  Perhaps it is the spirit of Drew Standrod revisiting his childhood home.

The turret of Standrod mansion in Pocatello, Idaho where Cammie Standrod died and is supposedly haunting to this day

The Standrod mansion still stands today and is a symbol of great architecture in the state of Idaho.  It is however, a private residence again so visits to see if you get a peek at one of it's ethereal residents will have to be limited from the street.  Maybe you will catch a glimpse of Cammie Standrod floating in or above her tower which now seems to be her eternal home.


  1. i have passed this house in pocatello and havent seen anything but I plan on watching for stuff now that i know this. the owners dont allow visitors of any sort and dont believe in ghosts i guess.

  2. I have had the opportunity to be in the house several times while growing up. I can confirm the feelings of uneasiness in the home. In fact the one instance while I was there in highschool I felt very dizzy and ill while standing on the staircase.

  3. In 1981 I had a reception there with my first wife but I didn't recall anything unusual there...well my marriage didn't last to long! LOL!

  4. We had an opportunity to buy the mansion back in the seventies. It was put on auction from the city, who owned it at the time, and we decided instead to move to Idaho Falls, for work out at the site. I often wondered what it may have been like to live there. If walls could talk, or maybe they do? I don't remember anything odd when seeing the place, but it was creepy hearing about the daughter who hung herself in the corner tower of her bedroom. Wow, memories!

  5. My father help with some of the renovations to the home and I had the chance to tour it as a child. It was rather spooky but oh so elegant! Many times the men would find their tools missing or placed some where else upon returning to work. A few times they would lay a tool down and suddenly it was gone. I have also seen the female in the turret windows. My father used to tell of hearing a child's laughter and a female crying.

  6. I lived 2 blocks away for 2 1/2 years and everyday and night passed by this house and never saw a thing

  7. I use to live about 2 blocks away from the house for about 2 1/2 years, passed by the house everyday and night sometimes a couple times a day and never saw anything

  8. I used to live in Idaho, my dad used to always say we wanted to live there and I noticed a figure in the window at the tower while driving by it but told my self I was just seeing things. Well dad sorry to say but I don't think you want to live there now.

  9. Came and Drew Stanrod lived well into adulthood, their marriages and children well documented at city hall. In fact, the judge built his daughter a house for her wedding just a few houses down from his mansion in 1901.
    the only weird thing about the mansion is the extra room in the basement that is clear on the original blueprints (on display at the local museum ) but has never been located in the house proper.

    1. Which museum has the blueprints on display? I'd love to see them, and the extra basement room!

  10. And I saw no documentation about their living and marriages anywhere...I lived in Pocatello for years... but I could be wrong...

  11. I totally believe that something bad happened here…and how a house feels depending on who lived in it.

    Joe and I were looking for a place to have our reception before we got married, and checked out a place called the Standrod House.

    The minute I walked into that place I felt something very, VERY wrong there.

    They had a picture of the old family there and I could not help but gravitate towards it. I took a long hard look at it, and saw a teenage girl and the father of the family, those were the two that really struck me for some reason, and I felt sick. I told Joe that there was a really bad feeling in that place and that there was NO WAY the reception would be there, that I had such a bad feeling that it felt like something really REALLY bad had happened there.

    He said "Heidi, I can't tell you here, but I'll tell you after we're out of here" So we had our tour, but I had this horrible feeling all through the house. I just wanted to get out of there.

    When we left, Joe said "Heidi, the teenage girl you were looking at was going out with a boy that her father didn't approve of. That boy disappeared and they never found him. The girl went up to her room, got very sick over time and died."

    The feeling in that house was VERY familiar to me. I think because she was abused, and I was abused- so badly that I almost didn’t make it out of my fathers house alive. The feeling in that house is familiar to me. Not in a good way, but because I KNOW the feeling of the house I was in as a child, and it felt the same. I think she was either beaten or otherwise. I tend to trust my gut, especially when I get that same feeling that I had when I lived at that awful house we lived in when I was in my youth.

    I actually had a prayer with Joe for that girl, that she was at peace. I was so sad for her and kept crying. I couldn’t explain it to my fiance but I think he understood.

    Years later we went back to Pocatello and happened to go past the neighborhood and we went there... again. The doors were locked, but when we went up on the wrap around porch the wind picked up suddenly and whipped through our hair…it set the chimes off on the porch…it was just CREEPY. My blog about my abusive family life is here:

  12. I have been in the house many of times in recent years and never had any weird or spiritual experiences! People just scare themselves into believing nonsense.

  13. Does anyone know if the floor plans are available anywhere for viewing?