Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Phantom Hitchhiker of Black Horse Lake - Great Falls, Montana

While driving on along Black Horse Lake near Great Falls, Montana, you may want to be weary of picking up hitchhikers, on your windshield that is.  There have been many stories of the phantom hitchhikers, but this one is not your average one.  Although, many say they have seen this hitchhiking ghost along the road, it has gotten a little more up close and personal in an unusual way with some.

What makes this haunting different is that people have reported that suddenly a man appears on their windshield as if he had just been struck by your vehicle while driving down this stretch of road just off highway 87 in Cascade County, Montana.  Most describe the phantom as an Indian man with long black hair wearing a jeans jacket.  Some say he is wearing bib overalls.  However, the most common factor in the stories is that he appears on the windshield and when you pull over and get out, he is not there and there is not a scratch on your vehicle.  This same story has been reported over and over through the years.

Many believe that this is the ghost of a transient Indian man who was wandering along the road at night and was struck by a vehicle which ended his wayfaring ways.  Now he roams the road forever and relives his terrifying end over and over.

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