Monday, October 17, 2011

Legend of the Platte River Death Ship - Wyoming

Along the banks of the Platte River in Wyoming, a legend has been passed on since the mid 1800s.  A legend of an spectral nature.  Several witnesses have claimed to see a phantom ship on the Platte River.  They say that an eerie mist will begin to form on the river and slowly the mist will form a bank of fog that only covers a small area.  Out of the fog will then emerge a sailing ship from days gone by, appearing grey and unnatural, manned by phantom sailors.  This vessel has become known as, "The Ship of Death".

A old sailing ship is said to appear out of an eerie fog bringing an omen of death for the lone person that lays eyes on the vessel

The ship got it's ominous name not from the ghosts that man it, but the fact that it brings an omen of death to someone known to the person who witnesses it's appearance.  The first reported sighting in 1862 was by a trapper by the name of Leon Webber who saw the phantom ship. As he got a clear view of the top deck, he saw the body of his fiancĂ© laying on a piling on the deck. That same day, his fiancĂ© passed away. 

Twenty five years after the Webber sighting, a cattleman was working a herd along the Platte River when he saw an unusual fog and a ship crewed by ghosts emerge. The ship seemed to shimmer as it moved through the mist.  On the deck of the ship, what appeared to be the spectral form of his wife was layed out as if sleeping.  That same day his wife died.

The last reported sighting was in 1903.  A man who lived along the Platte River was trimming and removing trees in his yard one Fall day.  He too saw the phantom ship appear in a sudden fog.  Again, it appeared to be manned by a crew of ghosts and laying on the deck of the ship was a good friend of his.  And of course, his friend passed away that day.

If you are ever along the banks of the Platte River in Wyoming and you see a spectral sailing vessel emerging from an eerie fog, avert your eyes lest someone you know be the next claimed by the Ship of Death.

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