Saturday, October 13, 2012

Blue Girl of Ammon Park - Pocatello, Idaho

In the town of Pocatello, Idaho there is a small park that is very typical looking in every way.  People come and go, walk their dogs, and children play on the playground.  There is one child in particular though that has been seen on the playground that is most unlike the others.  She is a ghost!

A little girl in blue has been swinging on the playground at Ammon Park in Pocatello, Idaho.  However, she disappears in the blink of an eye.
A little girl in blue has been swinging on the playground at Ammon Park in Pocatello, Idaho.  However, she disappears in the blink of an eye.

Many visitors to Ammon Park have reported seeing what to them appears to be a little girl in a blue dress swinging on the swings.  However, this girl seems to disappear into thin air.  There are others who say they simply saw a quick flash of blue near the swings and then when they looked again, there was nothing but an empty swing.

There also seems to be some strange activity related to a tool shed that is on the park grounds.  There are those who speculate that this may be the spot where this young girl perished, leaving her spirit behind.  The latched shed door has been known to open on it's own accord, with no wind blowing whatsoever.  One visitor to the park reported being locked in this shed by unseen hands with her friend when they were young. 

Sightings of the ghost of Ammon Park also have been centered around a particular tree that phantom girl in the blue dress likes to hide behind.  Sort of like she is playing hide and seek. Some who enter the park only sense her presence, feeling watched by unseen eyes,  perhaps from behind this tree.

Others have been to Ammon Park and have heard voices and even children's laughter when he park was seemingly empty.  There have also reports of energy drain phenomenon on cameras and other devices within a short time of being within the park grounds.

Ammon Park in Pocatello, Idaho is haunted by the spirit of a little girl.  Photo from Google Earth.
Ammon Park in Pocatello, Idaho is haunted by the spirit of a little girl.  Photo from Google Earth.

Ammon Park is at the intersection of Homer Drive And Ammon St. in Pocatello, Idaho in Bannock Count just next to route 15. Take a visit to this little getaway and see if you see or feel The Blue Girl of Ammon Park.



  1. How old was the little girl when she died at the park

  2. Her name is Mary, the man that found her hanging in the shed is in his twenties now. His name is Skyler Pulley

  3. That's so crazy. I grew up playing at this park, I grew up on Hyde street just down the street and now live not to far away from the park. I've never heard of any sightings.

  4. Me and some friends went and did some investigating we got pics of a little girl in the background of a swing set!! I zoomed in and cropped it you can def see her!!

  5. I know skyler and did not know he was the one that found her

  6. Hey Krysta would love to see that pic

  7. I worked in park maintenance for 10 yrs from 96 to 06 and spent many days working in that park. I also grew up in that neighborhood and nobody was ever found dead in that park. The site where the park lies was a landfill many years ago before it was within city limits.

  8. My mom and I went down there once to check out the legend. It was cool. We saw a blue figure on the swings. I expected her to vanish but she didn't. I've had a bunch of other paranormal experiences and so have my family. I think its creepy, but fun. I'm writing a short horror story spin off of this encounter.